(55% Discount) EaseUS Partition Master Professional Edition 11.9

(55% Discount) EaseUS Partition Master Professional Edition 11.9

EASEUS Partition Master is a comprehensive partition software, you can create, delete, format partitions on your hard disk quickly and easily. The most attractive feature is that it can resize/move your partitions by using the free spaces without destroying data.

EaseUS Partition Master Manages Your Hard Disk Easily

All-in-one hard drive & partition manager software, which brings together with three main functions including: Partition Manager, Disk & Partition Copy Wizard and Partition Recovery Wizard.

Great Features of EaseUS Partition Master Professional

Partition Management

Partition Recovery

Disk/Partition Copy

Migrate OS to SSD/HDD

Convert Function

Dynamic Disk Management

Convert dynamic disk to basic disk with all data protected.
Resize dynamic disk to extend or shrink volumes in an easy way.
Copy dynamic volume to basic disk.
Convert disk between MBR and GPT disk (System disk is supported).
Convert primary partition to logical and vice versa.
Change file system from FAT to NTFS.
Migrate OS to Solid State Drive (SSD) or traditional hard disk drives (HDD) without reinstalling everything, like Operating system, applications, etc.
Copy disk to a small or large one for hard disk replacement /upgrade, no need to re-install operating system and applications.
Copy the selected partition to other partition or other disks.
Recover partitions that were accidentally deleted or damaged due to a hardware failure, even if your operating system fails to boot.
Resize/Move function to extend NTFS system partition without rebooting and maximize PC performance.
Merge partitions into a single one without data loss.
Add unallocated space to an existing partition and fully use disk space.

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