(55% Discount) Dr.Fone – iOS Viber Backup & Restore

(55% Discount) Dr.Fone – iOS Viber Backup & Restore

  • Backup your entire Viber chat history with one click.
  • Restore your Viber history easily.
  • Export any item from the backup for printing.
  • Easy to use and no risk to your data.
  • Backup Viber Chats on your iPhone, iPad, or Computer

    Just connect your iPhone or iPad and click to start the process. The rest is automatic. Afterwards, you will be able to preview your backed-up content.

    Text, attachments and call history are backed up.

  • Restore Viber Backup Chats Easily

    Restore any backup file to your iPhone or iPad. Or, you can export your chats as HTML files on your computer. You can always preview your files and choose which ones you want to recover.

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