(45% Discount) YL Mail Verifier – Personal License

(45% Discount) YL Mail Verifier – Personal License

YL Mail Verifier is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for the “email message delivery error”. with this Mail Verifier, you can easily check every email address from a mailing list and determine if the email addresses are still valid. it does three levels of verification: Syntax, DNS and SMTP. it is the fastest e-mail verifier in the market today. YL Mail Verifier is designed for system administrators, webmasters, programmers as well as for everyone who has his own mailing lists and needs to keep the lists up-to-date.


  • Check for e-mail addresses at three verification levels: Syntax, DNS and SMTP
  • Load large mailing lists for verification in seconds
  • Quickly verify large amounts of e-mail addresses
  • Import e-mail addresses from any format of mail list files
  • Support multi-threads processing, custom the number of verifying threads
  • Custom the DNS timeout and SMTP timeout
  • Comprehensive verifying report for every email address


YL Mail Verifier verifies every e-mail address from a selected database or mailing list, allowing you to determine up to 90% of “dead” mail addresses. After loading your mailing list for a cleanup, YL Mail Verifier starts verifying each email address for validity. All addresses are checked in the multithreaded mode, which speeds up the entire process. Three steps of verification include:

E-mail address syntax check

During this step, YL Mail Verifier marks invalid such addresses as username#gmail.com, john!@$gmail,com, etc.

The availability of e-mail domains

During the second step, the program checks the availability of domains, i.e. it marks valid such addresses as user#yahoo.com, user#hotmail.com and marks invalid any nonexistent domain (for example, user#hhfdjggyt1.com, user#jhhfuyq1lj.biz)

The existence of e-mail addresses on their mail servers

During the final step, the program tries to establish an SMTP connection with the mail server and checks each email address for validity there.

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