(45% Discount) Perfect Emailer – Corporate License

(45% Discount) Perfect Emailer – Corporate License

A simple and effective Mass Mailer Software
This is the ideal software to conceive and send personalized mass mailings of 1 to several thousands of recipients. The software answers effectively and quickly all your requirements.

A software for all the users
Conceived to be used by all the departement of a company, the software does not require any particular knowledge. Its intuitive interface will allow you very easily and in a few minutes to send your first mass mailings (newsletters, promotion, press releases…)

Many practical functions
This makes it possible to you to test your campaigns, to clean and delete doubles of your files, to manage your black list, to check the legitimacy of your sendings front of antispam filter, to manage constantly at the time of the sending, etc…

Personalized tracking of the results
This propose an add one service to analyze and exploit the recipients behavior when they received your message.

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