(45% Discount) Ondesoft ClipBuddy For Mac

(45% Discount) Ondesoft ClipBuddy For Mac

A Mac clipboard manager and history app for Mac OS X

ClipBuddy is the ultimate Clipboard Extender on Mac OS that records everything you cut or copy to the Mac Clipboard, and provides multiple ways to view, edit and paste them to any app. It saves an unlimited number of clips in a searchable database. These clips can be images, text or a mix of them (rich text, like PDFs and HTML).

  • ClipBuddy remembers everything copied to the clipboard
  • Capture screenshots of rectangular region or full screen and automatically save as clips.
  • Save and organize all of your cut and copy contents – text, image or both – from any app
  • Super Paste – allows you to paste multiple clips in a loop, without any pesky punctuation
  • Recorded Metadata – allows the user to see what application the clipping came from, when it was made, and even the URL of the website it was taken from

Store and manage all Mac clipboard history

  • Clipboard History
    ClipBuddy automatically saves any clip you make, ensuring that nothing gets lost in the shuffle of digital work.
  • Manage Clipboard data
    Edit content of any clip within the preview window: change cases, remove line breaks or find and replace certain words. Open Link or Search in Google directly.
  • Search Feature
    Quickly find qualified clips from THOUSANDS of clips with the built-in Search function by Title, Content, SourceApp, Format, Date or URL – ensuring you never lose a clip.
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Easy and intuitive access to the Clipboard history

  • Easy to paste
    Just double-click on a clip or press the paste button or use hotkey to paste it anywhere you want.
  • View Clipboard on Mac
    Provide multiple ways for you to scan the Clipboard History and make pasting even easier than before.
  • Export clips
    Export clips to separate TXT files or image to JPG, PNG and BMP.
Mac clipbboard history

Make copying and pasting faster and easier

  • Enhance your efficiency
    Extend Mac Clipboard – Paste one or more clips from ClipBuddy to anywhere with format or as plain text.
  • Best clipboard experience
    Switch view mode – mini or full; set transparency, exclude applications, configure hotkeys, block nodes.
  • Backup and restore
    Automatically backup data Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly and support restoring all clips from any backup.
  • Set notification sounds
    Notification sounds remind you whether data are copied, pasted or not.
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