(25% Discount) Novell Server Recovery – Corporate License

(25% Discount) Novell Server Recovery – Corporate License

Kernel for Novell data recovery software is professional data recovery software which enables you to repair and recover entire lost or inaccessible Novell data quickly and accurately. There may be several reasons for loss of data like deletion or corruption of partition table, corruption of operating system, Volume table, HotFix table, corruption of DET or FAT, corruption of Pool table and leaf or branch. This software successfully supports traditional Novell file systems (NWFS and Net386) and other file systems (NSS) as well. The tool has got important features like:

  • Performs successful Novell Netware data recovery from corrupt netware volumes
  • Recovers Novell data from all sub allocated data volumes
  • Extracts data lost due to corruption of Volume Table, HotFix Tables, DET or FAT, Partition Table, Operating System or any other reason
  • Enables you to get back your data from compressed files and directories
  • Full recovery support for IDE, EIDE, SCSI and SATA drives
  • Supports all Novell file systems like NWFS, Net386 file system and NSS

Features of Kernel for Novell Data Recovery Software

Easy to useKernel for Novell is an easy to use and user friendly tool. It is designed and developed with self-descriptive and graphical user interface. Any technical or non-technical user can easily use it. Advanced algorithms of the tool empower it to perform a quick, correct and comprehensive data recovery.

Supports traditional as well as other file systemsThis software allows you to recover Novell data lost from storage media having traditional (NWFS, Net386 file system) as well as NSS of Novell Netware OS. It supports IDE, EIDE, SCSI and SATA drives for recovering lost Novell data. It can be successfully installed on all Windows OS.

Ensures original properties of recovered file intactWhile repairing and recovering Novell data, it does not modify any original property of recovered data.It keeps authenticity like formatting, properties, integrity and consistency of recovered file unchanged. Thus, it just abstracts lost or deleted data from storage media and enables you to save at desired location.

Absolute solution of Novell data recoveryThere are various logical and physical factors that affect integrity of Novell data and some of them are deletion or corruption of Novell partition table, Volume table, HotFix table, Pool table, etc. It performs a thorough scanning, extracts all data and allows you to save them at desired location. This advanced tool can also restore data even when volume, NSS Pools, Master Pool or Volume Leaf gets damaged.

Quick and comprehensive recoveryWhile working with Kernel for Novell data recovery tool, you can complete your data recovery operation within few minutes. You just need to select any device from the displayed connected storage devices and perform a thorough scanning for extracting all data. Further, you need to select the recovered file(s) from the given list and save at desired location.

Live Preview SupportKernel for Novell data recovery tool offers live preview facility of recovered files within the software interface. The user has the full-access to preview data before saving them to the desired location.

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