(25% Discount) Media Player Morpher PLUS

(25% Discount) Media Player Morpher PLUS

Virtual Sound Bar

Truly Virtual Surround Sound

Thanks to our audio processing advanced algorithms, we are now happy to offer you a unique and FREE media player with an advanced Virtual Sound Bar that enables any 2-speaker device to output virtual surround sound and produce sound images up to 6 times larger than normal.

  • Don’t have a 3D sound bar or surround speakers system in living room? No big deal! The Virtual Sound Bar will conveniently replace the high-cost, ordinary sound bars. Just connect your laptop or tablet to a TV set, play an HD movie full screen, sit back and enjoy being immersed in virtual surround sound.
  • Already have a sound bar? The Virtual Sound Bar will enhance it to make a much nicer sound image.
Virtual Sound Bar
Virtual Surround Sound

How long can you wear the headphones?

Wearing the headphones for watching a 2-hour movie on your laptop could be uncomfortable. Let the Virtual Sound Bar take over. The truly virtual surround sound from just 2 speakers of your device will be a pure joy.

The best use though is to get a cheap 2.1 USB laptop Sound Bar, or small, portable speakers with a sub-woofer; turn Virtual Sound Bar on and there you are: a true Mini Home Theatre system right on your desk that will give you anentirely new entertainment experience.

Suitable mode for most optimal sound image

Choose a sound mode from the Movie, Music, Sports and User modes to get a sound experience optimized for the content.

The special User mode will allow increased volume, independent of the quality of the device’s speakers, and will eliminate any noise, buzz and hissing caused by the speakers or the quality of the recording.

Expansion Sound Effect
Vocal Ormalizer

Vocal Normalizer

Quieten or boost voices in movies and songs the way you want to and get the most enjoyment from your sound images.

Virtual Sound Bar Demo

The unique sound algorithms powered by Media Player Morpher create an unbelievably accurate surround sound environment. Listen to these crystal clear sound tracks and let your own ears experience the simple application of these master algorithms to a standard, stereo version.

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