(25% Discount) Kernel for Attachment Management – 100 User License

(25% Discount) Kernel for Attachment Management – 100 User License

Kernel for Attachment Management is a highly advance application designed to enable its user extract and backup the email attachments from the Outlook PST files in an effortless manner. The tool acts as the savior in the situations like scarcity of available storage space in the MS Outlook servers and helps in reducing the burden of overloaded servers by deleting the email attachments from PST and saving it on the computer’s hard drive. Let’s gaze at some salient feature of this kernel software:

  • Intelligent algorithms run the flawless processing of email attachments
  • Efficient in compressing the size of PST files
  • Effective user interface assists right recognition of features and alternatives
  • Run multiple customization rules to extract email attachments
  • Facility to store email attachments at either the computer’s hard disk or network location
  • Provides opportunity to evaluate the free version

Features of Kernel for Attachment Management

Restore Attachments at Your ChoiceThe software has many useful features including the activities like deleting the attachment from the email and save it in various physical or network locations. You can create a link or a text description indicating the location of deleted attachment from an email. Its “Restore Attachment” option allows restoration of attachments at the previous location.
Customized Features for CompressionIt is also possible to modify the settings for compressing the Outlook PST email data items. The tool allows you to compress the attachments in zip format that drastically reduces size and makes the zip file more sharable across the network. In addition to that, you can make zip files secure by applying the password on it.
Alter, Filter, and TransformThe tool allows you to rename the attachments in accordance with the pre configured variables like Message Sender Name, Message Received Date, Message Subject, Message Subject without RE or FW. You may also filter your email attachments based on the alternatives of message subject, recipient only, sender only, and the size of the email present in the MS Outlook email agent.
Intelligent Outlook Attachment ProcessorYou could also configure various Outlook attachment rules and settings to retrieve the attachments in the user-friendly format. The “Enable automatic processing” option let you to invoke the automatic processing of incoming email. You could also reduce the overall complexity of the resultant attachments, by creating the subfolder hierarchy listing the various items like Message Folder Name, File Name, Message Date, Sender Name, Message Subject, etc.
Compatible in Every RespectThe software greatly supports the latest released software versions of MS Outlook, which includes MS Outlook 2013 (both 32 bit and 64 bit)/2010/2007/2003/2002/2000/98/97. You can run the software and extract any attachment stored on whatsoever editions of MS Outlook.
Log ManagementThe software maintains record of total information about the processed attachments in the logs file. It provides detailed info that which attachment is being processed at what time through these three types of log files – run now log, automatic mail process log and scheduled mail process log.

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