(20% Discount) TuneChef Pro M4V Converter for Windows Lifetime

(20% Discount) TuneChef Pro M4V Converter for Windows Lifetime

TuneChef M4V Copy is a reliable tool that enables you to convert DRM protected files from iTunes to MP4 clips that you can view, transfer, edit or play on several devices. The software is powerful and can perform the conversion in little over a few seconds. Local M4V files are also supported.

Reliable video converter

The files you can view and play in iTunes or the ones that you acquire from the Store are most of the times protected against intellectual property theft with the DRM technology. This means that the files cannot be modified in any way and can only be rendered with authorised software. TuneChef M4V Copy can help you remove this protection and convert the media to a different format.

The software is capable of performing the process at a high speed, which means that the files are converted almost instantly, while their resolution and quality are maintained. the 1 : 1 Copy process ensures that the files are losslessly converted into a more accessible format. Moreover, the software can process several files at the same time.

Batch conversion and supported files

You may easily set the exact number of simultaneous jobs that you wish the software to perform. The number of supported simultaneous processes ranges from one to 8. In other words, the software features the capability of quickly converting a large series of files.

Files purchased or downloaded from the iTunes Store can easily be processes, regardless if they are saved in video or audio format. Also, the software indicates that you may drag and drop files from local folders, but not all M4V clips are supported. Unless the files are DRM protected, the process is likely to fail and the application to crash.

Remove the copyright protection

TuneChef M4V Copy allows you to easily convert M4V files, by extracting information from them and transferring it to a MP4 format. This way, you may easily share the file, play it on a large series of devices. Additionally, you may modify, duplicate, edit or easily convert it, since the DRM protection is removed.

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