(20% Discount) Tech to Us Virus Slayer – Yearly Subscription

(20% Discount) Tech to Us Virus Slayer – Yearly Subscription

Fast and effective protection against viruses and malware. Utilizes high performance antivirus detection to help keep your PC safe.

  • High performance
    Our scanning engine is optimized so it doesn’t utilize a lot of system resources. This means Tech to Us Virus Slayer won’t slow down your system like other anti-virus software.
  • High rate of detection
    Advanced detection will help better detect threats and suspect files. All major types of threats are detected.
  • Real time monitoring
    Tech to Us Virus Slayer is always running and checking files. As soon as a threat is detected, the software will take action to prevent infection.
  • Frequent updates
    Whereas other anti-virus software may only update weekly, our software automatically updates up to multiple times per day to ensure that your system is always protected against the latest threats.
  • Works with many versions of Windows
    Tech to Us Virus Slayer is compatible with all recent versions of Windows; including the latest version, Windows 10.
  • Free support
    Free basic installation support included. Tech to Us Unlimited Support Plan customers have advanced support for more complex issues and help in the rare instance where the software is unable to automatically remove a threat.

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