(10% Discount) File Conversion Service (51-100 MB)

(10% Discount) File Conversion Service (51-100 MB)

​DTP File Conversion Service for File sizes 0-20 MB: Need to convert popular Desktop Publishing file types, then this service is for you. Markzware will convert your files with this Conversion Service.

Or you can have us convert the file for you!

If you are in need of a one off conversion you may want to consider Markzware’s File Conversion Service, which can provide the following conversions for you.

• QuarkXPress to InDesign
• InDesign to QuarkXPress
• Microsoft Publisher to InDesign
• PDF to InDesign
• PDF to QuarkXPress
• native .AI Illustrator to InDesign
• and more!

How do I begin the File Conversion Process?

Step 1: Pay the Conversion Fee
Step 2: After paying, you will receive a link to our Conversion File Submission Form
Step 3: Compress the file to be converted and submit it with the form (no fonts or images required)

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