(10% Discount) Email Service Subscription 15000

(10% Discount) Email Service Subscription 15000

Easy tool for email creation

Atomic Email Service has an intuitive interface – you can manage email campaigns without having technical skills.

Right after the registration process, you get open access to the service. You don’t need to install any additional software, or search for and customize an external SMTP server.

It takes only two clicks and a couple of minutes to create and send your mailings.

Masss Email Service – Low prices

Having analyzed the prices for sending bulk email, we have created an efficient and cheap bulk email service with a flexible tariff system – it fully corresponds to the user’s needs and resources.

After registration, you’ll be enrolled in the “Free 200” tariff plan. It allows you to manage email campaigns and send 3,000 emails per month for free.

You can choose any other tariff and change your current plan at any time.

iPhone and iPad app for bulk mailings

Our company offers a free iOS application for sending bulk emails from your iPhone/iPad.

This app lets you add subscribers to your lists, send email campaigns and view detailed reports. You can create a campaign on desktop and send it from wherever you are.


Atomic Email Service allows personalizing emails you send to your clients (name, position, individual sale prices and so on).

You don’t need to create two separate accounts to send emails from different email addresses. Atomic Email Service doesn’t limit the number of “from” email addresses.

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